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Children’s Hospital Foundation is dedicated to funding and advocating for pediatric initiatives that improve the status of health care and the quality of life for children in our region. The Foundation provides support for the programs and initiatives of Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU and the more than 60,000 children it serves each year.

Whether it is time, skills or financial support, the gifts of the community are truly what enable Children’s Hospital Foundation to continue our mission of supporting children and families in the area.

Rowan's Story

A Long and Winding Road

Last February, Rowan Matthews woke from a nap crying hysterically and unable to walk. Her parents, John and Brittney, took the 14-month-old to a local emergency room and the family began a long journey that included multiple physician visits and new neurological symptoms and would eventually take them to Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU (CHoR).

“Nobody had mentioned anything life threatening at this point,” said Brittney, who was shocked when CHoR doctors suggested that neuroblastoma, a common childhood cancer, may be responsible for Rowan’s symptoms.

Although tests did not confirm cancer, doctors still believed her symptoms could be related to the disease. Follow-up CT scans determined the toddler had a dislocated hip, an infection on her bone and areas of calcification on her spine. Rowan spent several months in a body cast, and her case was referred to CHoR’s Tumor Board, a multi-disciplinary team that meets to review rare cases like Rowan’s. The team suggested a minimally-invasive procedure to remove the areas of concern on her spine.

The surgery involved inserting a small camera and temporarily deflating Rowan’s lung to reach and resect the calcified areas, but it required only three small incisions. Rowan had a quick recovery and went home the next day. Nearly eight months after their journey began, the Matthews learned that the mass removed during Rowan’s surgery was neuroblastoma, as the team had initially suspected. Additional tests revealed the cancerous cells had not spread, and Rowan didn’t require radiation or chemotherapy. She continues to visit specialists at CHoR for regular tests to ensure her cancer doesn’t return, but John, Brittney and Rowan’s doctors remain optimistic.

“We went eight months without any answers,” John said. “Surgery gave us an answer. If it weren’t for Children’s Hospital, I don’t know where we’d be.”

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